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The perfect development and production of technical parts can be visualized using a triangle with the sides of Function, Quality and Costs.
  • F: Powerful tools have been developed since the 1960s such as CAD, MBS, FEM, CFD etc. and are professionally used today on powerful computers. The modeling of parts has become extraordinarily accurate. External loads and marginal conditions can now be simulated based on the laws of Continuum Mechanics. Databases, e.g. for material properties, are now available.

  • Q: A likewise rapid development has started in the early 1980s in the field of the instruments ensuring the quality of the components. Today tools such as CAQ, QFD and FMEA with targeted audits have become indispensable in both development and production.

    However: A design under the premise of function and quality alone does not lead to economic pricing. It is rarely sufficient to set just the target costs,
    as F, Q and C have to be simultaneously integrated into the respective
    part or system.
    An example: A Formula-1 con-rod may be sensationally light and durable (F)
    and extremely reliable (Q) but is also a hundred times more expensive (C)
    as the corresponding serial part for a sports car engine.

  • C: A state-of-the-art tool to reduce part costs, however, is not yet available. Several tools for tracking costs are in use. Designers generally use known design methods for the variation of solutions. In addition, cost tracking and value analysis are needed in conjunction with purchasing and technical controlling. The current solutions of competitors are entered into Benchmarks and Audits.

MetaEngineering is your specialist in controlling the development process along the parameters F, Q, C simultaneously.
Through an integrative approach to the organization, execution and management of projects, we will jointly create new solution spaces for technical components
and systems.

The reduction in costs for technical components currently provides the maximum potential for a competitive advantage.
Nevertheless, in order to be able exploit this advantage it is no less crucial to retain in parallel the highest levels of Function and Quality.