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Rudolf Bruns
Dipl.-Ing. (TH)
Graduate Engineer (Technical University)
born on 22 May 1956 in Düsseldorf, Germany


Mr. Rudolf Bruns

Specialist for development and cost-optimized design of Internal Combustion Engines with a long-standing technical expertise and leadership experience gained with the BMW Group in Munich.

Rudolf Bruns graduated in 1985 from the TH Aachen in his studies of mechanical engineering, majoring in construction technology with priority on CAE methods and combustion engines.
During his studies he developed computer-assisted (CAE) methods for the design
of machine and engine parts at the Institute for Machine Elements in Aachen.

Following his graduation, Rudolf Bruns started his career as a structural engineer
in the rail vehicle construction department of MBB in Donauwörth. There he was
in charge of dimensioning an American commuter train as well as drafting the statics of the city and subway trains in Munich, Germany.

By the end of 1987 already, the BMW R&D department invited him to join
BMW in Munich.
Main points of effort of his work then were the CAE-based dimensioning of vehicle parts based on the associated cooperation of BMW and NASA/Ames in California.

From 1990 onwards, Rudolf Bruns could apply his knowledge acquired in the BMW engine development department in practice, finally as the leader of a team concentrating on designing base engine parts including those of Rover.
The results achieved in that decade include various innovations and patents as well as the development of a parts construction kit with hedged development scope for base engines in the BMW Otto engine program.

During that time, Rudolf Bruns also passed a study course in business economics at the Distant Teaching University in Hagen, Germany.

In 2000, the BMW purchasing department delegated to Rudolf Bruns the responsibility for managing the development costs of complete vehicle packages in the scope of the BMW X3 project.
After leading the project to a successful end in 2003 with a subsequently very successful car model, he assumed as purchasing agent the responsibility for cooperative developments with external partners in the complete vehicle package business (Karmann, Bertone, Pininfarina etc.).

In 2004, BMW initiated a corporation-wide cost-cutting offensive that Rudolf Bruns accompanied right from the beginning and that subsequently allowed him to put the BMW Mini project into action in cooperation with Peugeot. In that period, his team managed to optimize numerous systems of this cost-optimized small
4-cylinder car.

In 2009, Rudolf Bruns eventually fulfilled his long-cherished wish to start his own business as an internationally acting consultant. He felt motivated to do so also by the most recent re-orientation of the automotive industry towards the international sphere. In this context, he came initially into contact with a project partner of Peugeot in Brazil.

Projects covered by Rudolf Bruns in the past years of his consultancy work include:

  • Cost-optimized presentation of a high-pressure pump housing of two
    Brazilian suppliers
  • Extension of the engine development business area of a major engineer service provider in Munich, Germany (personnel, methods)
  • Set-up of the development organization for a leading piston rod manufacturer in China (CA, test run)
  • Cost reduction for parts of an internal combustion engine on behalf of a German and a Swedish premium automobile manufacturer
  • Optimization of the warranty quality of a convertible soft top for a Bavarian premium motor vehicle manufacturer
  • Technical analysis and optimization of Diesel- and Petrol engines for premium automotive manufacturers in Gothenburg, Rüsselsheim, Whitley and Stuttgart

As Rudolf Bruns spent his youth in Belgium, he excellently speaks French in addition to his fluent command of the English language.