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Meta Engineering
Projects with know-how

  • Cost, Function and Quality (C, F, Q) form the link between your company
    and your customers.
    Your customers decide whether or not these parameters are visible.

  • Bringing Cost, Function and Quality into accord will sooner or later
    increase your profitability on the market.

  • Cost, Function and Quality are equally ranking objectives.
  • In general, a project-oriented development with “Simultaneous Engineering Teams” (SE-teams) is the proper organizational form to align Cost, Function and Quality.

  • In the concept phase, the team develops complete requirements specifications with which each team member should identify during the following
    series development.

  • The requirements specifications together with the concept and workflow descriptions provide the relevant basis for the team's communication to the outside and, accordingly, for its relationship to suppliers and
    project management.

  • The Purchasing Department evaluates the offers of potential parts suppliers in terms of costs. The so-called ‘bottom-up’ calculation of the offer price serves as a negotiation tool and represents the touchstone for additional financial demands in the case of unforeseen technical changes.
    If needed, MetaEngineering will resort to the support of qualified external cost analysts. The knowledge of the market prices alone does not promise sustained success unless the technical construction is concurrently taken into consideration.

  • Not until the offer has been brought into line with the calculation price will the job of the purchasing department be done.

Of course, the organizational concept of MetaEngineering for development projects requires a lot of planning work, which is indispensible for the successful finalization of the project.
The detailed planning of organization and workflow, however, is only possible in cooperation with your company, with the knowledge of your company philosophy, your development depth, your know-how, your free resources etc.
This will particularly be true also for any subsequent project adjustment.